TUM Talk Tuesday: A Journey Through History, Struggles, and Success

Welcome to another episode of TUM Talk Tuesday, where we dive into the untold stories and behind-the-scenes happenings of our brand. This week, we're taking a trip down memory lane as we explore the origins of TUM, our struggles, and how our co-founder Wylie's experiences in his other businesses, including barbershops, have played a role in shaping the company.

The First Show in Las Vegas:

Kicking off our journey, we look back at our first-ever show in Las Vegas. The excitement and anticipation were palpable, but so were the challenges that came with organizing an event in such a vibrant and competitive city. From finding the perfect venue to attracting attendees, our team pulled out all the stops to make this event a success. The Las Vegas show was a true testament to the resilience and determination of TUM's founding team, and it marked the beginning of a thrilling adventure in the world of card shows.

Wylie's Entrepreneurial Journey:

Co-founder Wylie has been a driving force behind TUM's growth, bringing valuable experience from his background in the barbershop industry. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating meaningful connections among people have played a significant role in shaping the company's vision.

The Struggles of Creating Card Shows:

The journey of TUM has not been without its challenges. Establishing ourselves in the competitive card show landscape has required an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. From securing top-notch venues to carefully curating the right mix of vendors, our team has tackled numerous obstacles along the way.

Financial constraints, logistical hurdles, and the pressure to continually outdo ourselves have been an integral part of our growth journey. Despite these challenges, TUM has persevered, emerging stronger and more resilient with each passing event.

The story of TUM is one of passion, determination, and entrepreneurial grit. As we reflect on our history and the struggles we've faced, we're reminded of how far we've come and the incredible community we've built along the way. TUM Talk Tuesday is not just about sharing our journey but also about inspiring and connecting with others who share our love for card shows and the magic they create.

Join us next week for another exciting episode of TUM Talk Tuesday, and in the meantime, keep up with our latest news and events on our social media channels. Until then, happy collecting!