Introducing TAG Grading: Elevating Trading Card Grading at The Union Marketplace Regionals

The Union Marketplace Regionals at Pechanga Resort and Casino is thrilled to present one of our distinguished Silver Sponsors, TAG Grading. This forward-thinking company is making a significant impact in the trading card industry by integrating cutting-edge technology and consistency in the grading process.

TAG Grading, or Technical Authentication & Grading, is the brainchild of Steve Kass, an ardent collector of trading memorabilia. When considering the sale of his extensive collection of over 400,000 cards, Steve recognized the critical role of card grading and the existing inconsistencies within the process. What followed was a decade-long journey to create an accurate, reliable, and consistent solution for card grading – leading to the development of TAG.

TAG represents a fully automated grading system borne out of exhaustive research, partnerships with engineers and tech companies, and thousands of hours spent studying and understanding trading cards in depth. Boasting robust patents, TAG is geared to be a game-changer, bringing a much-needed level of consistency and accuracy to trading card grading.

One of TAG's core principles is equality in grading - the belief that every collector deserves an unbiased grade for a card, regardless of their industry stature or social media standing. Challenging the traditional half-point grading system, TAG emphasizes the importance of minute grading differences that could significantly influence a card's value.

The heart of TAG, however, extends beyond technology - it's rooted in passion. Steve's nostalgia-laced memories of opening a pack, sensing the unique aroma of the pink flat gum sheet, and feeling the slight white powder coating echo his deep love for trading cards. This passion resonates with collectors today and serves as the pillar for TAG's mission: to harness innovation and technology in creating transparency, accuracy, and consistency for every card graded.

TAG Grading stands as more than a trading card grading company; it embodies reliability, quality, and commitment. As a brand, TAG is dedicated to earning your respect by living up to its promises. As a Silver Sponsor of The Union Marketplace Regionals, TAG Grading is a shining testament to the passion, precision, and technological advancement within the trading card collecting realm.

The Union Marketplace Regionals is eager to exhibit TAG Grading's groundbreaking system. Join us at the Pechanga Resort and Casino to witness firsthand how TAG is reshaping the landscape of trading card grading. We are honored to welcome TAG Grading, heralding a new era in our cherished industry.