nocity. design: Revolutionizing Card Collecting, Gold Sponsor at TUM Regionals

We are thrilled to announce that nocity. design, a revolutionary brand in the sports card collecting scene, will be our Gold Sponsor at the upcoming TUM Regionals. This two-day event will take place at the Pechanga Casino and Resort on July 14th and 15th, 2023.

Roots in Passion: The Birth of

Born from a genuine love for card collecting, nocity design was conceived by a group of collectors who, like many of us, fell in love with the hobby through friends and family. Their passion was particularly kindled during the pandemic, as they spent countless hours buying wax online, participating in razzes, attending tradeshows, and connecting with other hobbyists.

However, they identified a key issue that has long plagued hobbyists – the unwieldy process of transporting cards. Traditional methods involved bulky plastic cases and cardboard boxes, which were far from practical for long hours at tradeshows or traveling. This observation ignited the spark that led to the creation of nocity. design.

The Essence of nocity. design

The spirit of nocity. design is beautifully encapsulated in its name - a celebration of the card collecting hobby's global reach. This hobby transcends geographical boundaries and unites enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It's this worldwide, unifying spirit that's deeply embedded in the brand's DNA.

Motivated to solve the issue of inconvenient card transportation, the nocity. design team embarked on a mission to create a bag that ensured security while providing the necessary comfort and convenience for long hours at tradeshows. They envisioned a product that would revolutionize the way hobbyists travel with their cards.

Introducing the Gem Sling Bag

Their vision materialized in the form of the Gem Sling Bag, a crossbody bag designed to hold up to 24 slabs comfortably. This inaugural product perfectly embodies the brand's ethos of functionality meeting style. It features an adjustable body strap with a sliding magnetic clasp for quick release, side pockets for small devices and card supplies, and a robust magnetic snap with bungee for enhanced security.

Moreover, the Gem Sling Bag's modular inner case allows collectors to organize their collections in a way that suits them best. With removable dividers, collectors can easily customize their storage, making the bag adaptable to their evolving collections.

The Future of nocity. design

However, the Gem Sling Bag is just the beginning. The team at nocity. design has dedicated hundreds of hours to market research and product design to create a full line of specialized luggage designed to cater to every type of card collector. With 6-7 concepts already in the pipeline, they are poised to redefine the way hobbyists transport their cards.

One of the top priorities for any collector is the safety of their prized possessions. Keeping this in mind, the Gem Sling Bag has been designed to offer double-layered UV protection, ensuring optimal security against harsh conditions.

Join Us on this Exciting Journey

We are a few months away TUM Regionals, but we can't wait to share their innovative solutions with the world. Stay connected with nocity. design on social media to follow their journey, and join us in celebrating their exciting progress. This is where the hobby meets innovation, and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us.