Nostalgic Avenue: Your Trusted Partner for Card Grading and Submission Services

In the dynamic world of card collecting, condition is king. A card's worth can multiply exponentially based on its condition, which is why card grading has become an integral part of the process for collectors. It’s also why many collectors turn to Nostalgic Avenue, a trusted submission service company, for assistance.

Who is Nostalgic Avenue? Website

Nostalgic Avenue isn't just another submission service company. They are a PSA preferred dealer, which guarantees their customers the very best in card submission services. What truly distinguishes Nostalgic Avenue is their commitment to inspect each card, provide unbiased opinions, and personally hand deliver the cards to the PSA offices in Irvine, California.

Their unique approach has certainly caught the attention of the card collecting community. Not only is Nostalgic Avenue a silver level sponsor for The Union Marketplace, but they'll also be accepting submissions at the TUM Regionals from July 14th through the 15th.

A Small Team with Big Achievements

Despite being a small team, Nostalgic Avenue has made a significant impact since their inception. In an impressively short period, they have meticulously evaluated over 10,000 cards, offering their expertise and taking great care to ensure each card gets the attention it deserves. This dedication to their craft is evident in their growing reputation within the collector community.

However, they aren't resting on their laurels. Nostalgic Avenue is ready to scale, seeking to expand their reach and continue to offer their specialized services to a broader audience of card enthusiasts.

Their Unique Approach to Grading

Nostalgic Avenue employs a meticulous 5-step grading process designed to keep cards moving swiftly, ensuring a quick return to their owners. Their approach to card grading is personal and passionate; treating your prized possessions as if they were their own.

Step One

They begin by carefully wiping down the surfaces of your cards with a scratch-free microfiber cloth. This process removes fingerprints, smudges, and any other residue that might affect the grading of your card.

Step Two

Under specialized lighting and magnification, they meticulously evaluate your cards on a 10-point scale for centering, edges, corners, and surface. This thorough examination identifies potential issues like soft/dinged corners, rough/chipped edges, surface scratches, and dimples. All evaluation results are then systematically entered into a database that you, the client, have complete access to.

Step Three

Once the evaluation process is complete, your cards are carefully placed into a plastic sleeve and then into a semi-rigid card saver, making them ready for submission.

Step Four

Via a private link, you'll be able to access your card evaluation results. You'll find individual grades for centering, edges, corners, and surface, along with an overall average grade for each card. Nostalgic Avenue also provides comprehensive notes explaining their grading decisions. They then offer a recommendation, taking into account the card's evaluation, its scarcity, and the potential return on your investment, about whether a card should be graded or not. The final decision, however, is always yours.

Step Five

Lastly, Nostalgic Avenue submits your cards on your behalf, keeps you updated throughout the grading process, and once they're ready, they securely package your newly slabbed cards and send them back to you.

Nostalgic Avenue is truly a service that’s rooted in passion for the art of card collecting. Their pre-grading service is meticulous, ensuring that your cards receive the utmost care and attention they deserve. With their professional team and trusted service, your card collecting experience is bound to reach new heights.