Pokémon Training Reimagined with Sanctum Comics Games & Cards at The Union Marketplace!


A New Chapter Unfolds at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Pokémon players, both seasoned and new, mark your calendars! Sanctum Comics Games & Cards, straight out of Temecula, CA, is all prepped up for an exhilarating experience at The Union Marketplace Del Mar card show, nestled in the iconic Del Mar Fairgrounds, from October 6th to 8th. If their memorable setup at the Pechanga Resort and Casino left an impression, brace yourselves for an even grander spectacle at Del Mar.

Pokémon Alley Awaits: Endless Possibilities

As you venture into the spacious expanse of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, a delightful surprise awaits just to the left of the entrance. Aptly christened "Pokémon Alley," this zone promises to be every trainer’s paradise. Sanctum Comics Games & Cards, with their expertise and dedication, ensures a seamless blend of fun and learning.

Three Days of Immersive Pokémon Training

Sanctum’s commitment to the Pokémon community is evident in their extensive training sessions spread across all three days of the show. With a team of 8 dedicated Pokémon professors, every corner of Pokémon Alley will echo with strategies, tips, and excited chatter.

Every enthusiastic trainer is in for a treat! Sanctum will provide a starter deck and a playing mat, paving the way for many riveting Pokémon battles.

Start or Expand Your Collector’s Journey

The Union Marketplace isn’t just about battles; it's also a collector’s dreamland. Young attendees keen on diving into the world of card collecting can meander through the vast marketplace. A plethora of vendors will showcase rare cards, alluring card boxes, and other collectible gems. Begin or expand your collection; the choices are endless!

Parents, Gear Up for a Wholesome Experience

Parents, envision the joy on your children's faces as they delve deep into the world of Pokémon, absorbing knowledge and sharing their own insights. The Union Marketplace Del Mar card show is more than an event; it's a holistic experience. The atmosphere, teeming with strategy, camaraderie, and genuine fun, is all enriched by the meticulous planning of Sanctum Comics Games & Cards.