Showtime Breakers: The Official Merchandise Sponsor of The Union Marketplace


If you're looking to deck yourself out in the coolest gear from The Union Marketplace, look no further than the official merchandise booth helmed by none other than Ricky from Showtime Breakers. Representing the spirit and essence of our event, Ricky's collection for The Union Marketplace is a must-see.

What's on Offer?

From the sleek and stylish jerseys to comfortable shirts, trendy hats, and cozy hoodies, there's something for everyone. Every piece carries the signature touch of The Union Marketplace, ensuring you wear not just apparel, but a piece of the event's essence.

Meet Ricky: The Face Behind the Merch

More than just a merchandise maestro, Ricky is a significant presence in the card world. He's known for his boxes of wax products for sale, ranging from Topps, Panini, Upper Deck, to Kakawow and Weiss Schwartz. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident, with ambitious plans of opening his very own shop.

But that's not all. Ricky's prowess extends beyond cards. He's also the proud owner of a printing company specializing in merchandise. Those attending regular streams on Whatnot might recognize him as a regular presence, sharing his passion for the hobby.

A staple at many card shows across the West Coast, Ricky's reputation precedes him. His commitment to the community is evident in every interaction.

A die-hard Laker fan, Ricky brings the same energy and enthusiasm to his merchandise as he does to cheering for his favorite team.

Where to Find Ricky?

Make sure to stop by section 101A to meet Ricky and check out the official merchandise for The Union Marketplace.