First 150 Attendees with F.O.T.L. Badges Receive a TAG VA Slab


In the vast universe of card collectibles, there are few names as revered and trusted as TAG Grading, known formally as Technical Authentication & Grading. For those who value perfection and precision, TAG has been a guiding star, leading the way in transforming the art of card grading into a science.

A Legacy of Excellence

TAG Grading isn't a newcomer in the card hobby world; they've become synonymous with the word "perfection". Years of dedicated research, combined with a team of seasoned card professionals, have positioned TAG at the forefront of the grading industry. Their approach isn't just about aesthetics; it's about capturing the essence of a card and preserving it for eternity.

The Power of Technology

Gone are the days of solely relying on the human eye for grading. TAG employs cutting-edge technology, utilizing high-resolution cameras and algorithms to grade cards with unmatched accuracy. This supercomputing approach ensures an unbiased and consistent grade, making their system stand out in the vast sea of grading companies.

Unparalleled Presentation with QR Code Access

Once a card passes through TAG's rigorous grading process, it's presented in a manner befitting its value. Every card is encased in a UV-protected, sleek design that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also tactilely satisfying to the touch. These slabs are perfectly designed, making your collectible not only preserved but also timeless. Additionally, each encased card comes with a QR code. By simply scanning this code, collectors can access the grading report online, offering a comprehensive breakdown of how the card was evaluated, providing collectors with unmatched transparency.

A Seamless Experience

TAG's user-friendly kiosks make the grading process a breeze. And once your card is graded, the experience becomes even more delightful. Every card is individually packed, making the unboxing feel like unwrapping a cherished gift. Moreover, the slabs are designed for stackability, a crucial feature for avid collectors.

Join TAG at The Union Marketplace

We're thrilled to announce that TAG Grading will be gracing our show. And they come bearing gifts! The first 150 attendees with F.O.T.L. (First Off The Line) Early Access Badges will receive one authenticated TAG VA slab upon visiting their booth. Please note, quantities are limited, and it's one slab per badge.

The F.O.T.L. passes are valid from Friday through Sunday, granting you early access to our show each day, an hour before the official opening. Why stop there? Bring along your cards to avail of their grading services. Their team will be on hand, eager to share TAG's rich history and their vision for the future of card grading.

With your F.O.T.L. privileges, immerse yourself in the world of TAG Grading and enjoy an unparalleled card collecting experience. Head straight to their booth, interact with the team, and witness firsthand the innovation they bring to the hobby.